November 10, 2015 – my four year anniversary of the end to my detour into deception.

Hmmmmm. Interesting that this last weekend revealed a new level of understanding to the events leading up to that detour and the why behind it.

As I prepared to speak at a ladies’ retreat, I wanted to accurately share the parallels we discovered in ministry as to the enemy’s strategies being on the same track as the tactics of guerilla warfare utilized by the Viet Cong (VC) during the Viet Nam conflict.

I knew the specific examples of how Satan’s strategies mirrored the VC’s was somewhere in a book written for Point Man Ministries back in the 90’s and I needed to find it.

I finally remembered the title: Behind Enemy Lines: A Field Manual for God’s Army, and found a used copy on Amazon. It arrived the night before I left for the retreat, so I threw it in my bag and determined to find what I was looking for between sessions on Saturday.

As I scanned the pages I was reminded how powerful the material was, tucked away in that thin volume of only 80 pages. I found what I was looking for and then just happened to look at the date on the copyright page.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!


That was the year I met the wife of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. I met her in a credible setting, at the Write to Publish conference on the Wheaton College campus. That encounter was the beginning of my 12 year detour into deception where, like Job, I would lose virtually everything except for a smoldering wick of my faith. Yup. The enemy often comes as an angel of light.

Wait. Could it be?

Could this message to the body of Christ, giving weight to the war we are in and providing tools to help fellow believers engage rather than pretend it didn’t exist…could this message be a huge threat to the enemy?

Behind Enemy Lines dispels the Flip Wilson “devil made me do it” mentality that, I believe, unknowingly, gave Christians a reason to minimize the need for spiritual warfare. And this resulted in many Christians denying the existence of the demonic realm and their influence on believers and non-believers alike.

The enemy of our souls apparently didn’t want us shining the light into his effective pack of dirty little secrets.

So much so, that he made sure a trap was set for me to veer completely off track and nearly lose my faith, and for the author to be taken out of the battle and rendered completely ineffective … walking away from the One who saved him and his specific calling of evangelism and equipping the saints.


How many times in your life can you look back and see that the enemy was at work, deceiving, misleading, opening doors you weren’t supposed to go through, using “seemingly good things” to lead you astray? Can you recall there ever being a time where the “answer to prayer” provided ultimately ended up being nothing but a counterfeit and trap to hold you captive to his lies?

WOW. Looks like I have to add another one to my already long list.

Thank You, Lord, for continuing to expose the tactics of the evil one, the enemy of our souls, so we can be aware of his schemes so he might not outwit us. (2 Cor. 2:11)

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